When Gary McKibben suggested planting grapevines on the Meridian, Texas, land he purchased in 2001, he recalls he was told flat out: “Bosque County’s cattle country; growing grapes here will never work.” Read More

Made In Texas, Buddy, Red Caboose Winery’s border collie, is more than content with his 18-acre kingdom.  A Grape Escape:  A Bosque County father-son getaway proves to be perfect terroir for the little winery that could. Though they didn’t aim...   Read More

360 West A Grape Escape

The Winery that Could 

Red Caboose Winery and Vineyards

Hot Brands of 2012

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Wine Business Monthly

has compiled its list of the Top 10 Hot Brands. The Hot Brands list is the wine industry's chance to honor wineries that are innovative, curious, adventurous and, of course, delicious. These winemakers can be trailblazers or traditionalists (and areoften both), but most of all, these are people who have dedicated themselves to crafting the best wines possible from their unique sites.​ Read More